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Guide to Estate Planning

At an estate size of $1 million or more, many other issues besides estate taxes must be taken into consideration. For instance, at that estate size, no estate plan would be complete without including creditor and malpractice protection. In our litigious world, you can be sued for the smallest thing, and the assets you worked for all your life could disappear.

Divorce is also a serious issue in the course of designing an effective estate plan. Roughly 55% of marriages end in divorce. In many affluent families, divorcing spouses of children end up with half of the assets that were intended for the child. That scenario could be prevented with effective wealth transfer planning.

What can you do to protect your assets, and ensure those assets will be there for your loved ones? Take action now. Every person is unique, with different goals and different circumstances. Some wish to give everything to children, others to their favorite charity. Many of our clients wish to do a little of both.

No matter what your goals are, planning is a must. has built a national reputation on developing a variety of strategies to help you preserve your wealth. Some of our advanced proprietary strategies include:

The Legacy Trust
Charitable Trusts
Private Family Foundations
Family Limited Partnerships
Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

These are the estate planning techniques that the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Gettys, and other prominent families have used over the years to protect their own family fortunes. SaveWealth has taken these same strategies and modernized them for your family.

Compare for yourself how these Wealth Transfer Strategies work, order Special Reports for yourself, and begin your way down the road of education.

Request FREE Special Reports! has built a library of Special Reports to help its clients further understand the confusing estate planning arena. Many of the topics in the Estate Planning Section have a Special Report explaining that subject in greater detail.

To order any Special Report or to request more information on a particular topic, simply contact us. Your request is confidential, and the information will be electronically sent.







Why Plan Your Estate?
Introduction to Wills
Living Trusts
The Perils of Probate
Durable and Medical Power of Attorney
Taxes, taxes, taxes!
Creating a Second Estate
Dynasty Trusts
The Legacy Trust
Family Limited Partnerships (FLiPs)
Charitable Trusts
Building on a Solid Foundation
Funding Your Estate Plan
Choosing a Qualified Attorney
How You Can Plan for Your Own Estate




SaveWealth Financial and its advisors specialize in helping successful families transfer and preserve wealth from one generation to the next. Working with our national advisor network, SaveWealth has helped thousands of individuals ensure that their wealth transfer plan is in place.

SaveWealth and its advisors do not practice law. This material is designed for educational purposes only, and imay not be appropriate in every situation.

You should consult with an experienced attorney and tax professional before beginning any estate plan. For more information, please click here.

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