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    2018 Tax Year

For tax year 2018, the tax filing deadline is April 15, 2019. Fortunately, IRS and state tax agencies have released their 2018 tax forms. Best of all, the forms are free and ready for immediate download.

Whether you need IRS or individual state tax forms, the SaveWealth Tax Center can help you get ready for tax season, and help you with tax planning for 2019.

To begin downloading free income tax forms, please browse our categories below.

IRS Tax Forms

Includes 2018 IRS Tax Forms, as well as forms for previous tax years.

State Tax Forms Download all the state tax forms. Click here to start.
Filing Taxes Learn how to file your state and IRS taxes, including mailing addresses.
Income Tax Tips Learn how you can slash your tax bill by visiting our Reducing Taxes section.
2018 Tax Changes What's new in the tax code? Find out the major federal tax law changes here.
Which 1040 Do I Use? Not sure which 1040 you'll need to file? Let our online experts help you figure it out.
Tax Forms Defined Learn more about IRS forms and how they're used in our IRS Forms Defined section.
2018 Income Tax Rates Know what tax rate you're in? Review all 2018 income tax rates right here, and plan accordingly.
Tax Books Check out our experts' top picks for books that can shave hundreds off your taxes.
Find a Tax Pro Looking for a local CPA or tax preparer? Find one close to you, absolutely free.
Income Tax Links Important links to help you search for more tax information.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the files (which you can download for free.)



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